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LoP: Yomiko Nishihara

Lair of the Past


Here is where I write what's in my notebook. Unfortunately, I don't write in chronological order. My problem is that I know where the story is going and I know which scenes go first, but I'm at a lost to    write everything in between. So what I wrote are different scenes and I'll have an intro before each one. Confusing, ne? For more info visit the summary/notes page.

*A short scene between Shi and her father in ancient Japan. This takes place in the Youko palace. Shi was next in line to be the leader of the Youko clan but....*
     Shi kneeled before her father. "You summoned me, father?"
He nodded his head. "Since you are the eldest, you will lead the family I should ever pass away. However..."
     Shi stiffened.
"..due to my remarriage, your half brother will lead instead, though you are both of the same age."
     Shi clenched her fists, "I understand, father."
     He nodded his head again. "Then you are dismissed."
     Shi got up and left the room. Her half-brother, Daisetsu, was leaning in the hallway. He had a smirk on his face.
Daisetsu's smirk grew. "Aw, don't feel down, Shi-chan. I'll still let you go on tonight's mission."
     Shi grabbed his throat. "First off," she said coldly. "you don't call me 'chan'. And second, I don't need your consent."
     Shi released him and stormed off. Daisetsu stared after her, rubbing his throat. Already, his mind was comtemplating Shi's downfall.
*Another short scene. This is where Daisetsu's affair with a member of the Bird clan is discovered. It's also where Shi and Arashi first meet.*
     Shi followed her half-brother quietly. For the past month, Dasisetsu had sneaked out of the palace when everyone was asleep. Shi crouched atop a tree branch when her half-brother scaled the wall. Someone emerged from the shadows to greet him. It was a girl, but not any girl. Shi recognized her as someone from the Bird clan who was to marry a member of the Dragon clan. Shi was shocked. How could the future leader of the Youko clan afiliate with a Dragon fiance? Shi clenched her fists. A pity she didn't bring her weapons, but she could use her demon form. Shi watched the two until they departed. Only then did she jump down from the tree. Shi suddenly detected a prescence.
     "Show yourself." she growled.
     Afigure stepped into the moonlight. It was another female, with black hair tied back. Her eyes had a golden glow.
     "Dragon." Shi spat.
     "Youko." was the cold reply.
     "What are you doing on Youko territory?"
     "The same reason you are here."
Shi nodded her head. "I see. Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you now."
     "Do you truly believe at a Youko can defeat me?"
     "Don't get so cocky, Dragon. This is my territory."
     "I have a proposition."
     "Alright, I'm listening, for now."
The dragon smirked.
*This takes place in 2004 when Yomiko along with Akinori first move back to Japan. The building they're moving into will be the bookstore (1st floor) and living quarters (2nd floor and attic). Again, it's a short scene.*
     Yomiko carried the cardboard box up to the attic. Akinori was already there unpacking. She set the box down.
     "Well, this'll be your room. Just ignore the cobwebs."
     "I'll keep that in mind, sensei."
They headed back downstairs. The only thing left was a large trunk.
     "Yomiko-sensei, what's in there? I don't remember seeing it."
     "Oh, that...." Yomiko becam quiet. "It's the items I was able to salvage from my... home." Yomiko walked over to the trunk and opened it. Akinori peeked over her shoulder.
     Inside was an incomplete tea set, some burnt kimonos and a ninja outfit, a broken handmirror, old sooty relics, and ancient looking scrolls. Akinori picked up the scrolls.
     "What are these?"
Yomiko took them from Akinori's hands. Akinori could tell that the scroll's triggered something in his sensei's memory.
     "These..." she began, but trailed off. Suddenly, Yomiko snapped back to her usual commanding self.
     "Alright, Akinori." she bellowed. "If you're gonna be my student, then you're gonna hafta work. And your work starts now. You're cleaning this dump pronto!"
     "H-hai!" Akinori stammered and rushed out of the room. Yomiko looked back at the scrolls thoughtfuly.
*2004. Arashi happens to go to Yomiko's bookstore not knowing Yomiko is Shi. (It's been centuries since they last saw each other). If you didn't know, Arashi and Yomiko have a human form and a demon form. Again, short.*
     Yomiko led Arashi up to the second floor where she began boiling tea. Arashi sat at the table and looked around. Her eyes turned a golden color.
Yomiko turned around. Her fox ears and tails were visible now.
     "Just call me Yomiko."
     "Yomiko, what brings you back to Japan? And on Dragon territory too."
     "Times have changed and I didn't expect to find you here, anyway."
     "Is that so?"
    Yomiko grinned guiltily. "Well, alright. Maybe I did expect to find you here. Besides, the only 'building' left on Youko land is the Inari temple and I'm not about to move in with dead relatives."
     "Are you implying that you were going to take over the summer palace if I was nowhere to be found?"
     "I didn't say-"
     "Typical fox. You haven't changed a bit."
     "I could say the same about you."
     "We should get going."
Yomiko nodded her head. She closed the stove. "I guess tea's at your place."
     "You're carrying my books."
Arashi gave a small grin.
     "Okay, fine." Yomiko exasperated. "Oh, and Arashi," Yomiko took out some ancient scrolls and handed them to Arashi, "could you keep these at your place?"
    "These are...."
    "Yeah, they're the records of the Youko clan."
    "Then, I will keep them. Now let's proceed."
*Extremely short. If you read about the characters, you should know that ChiHiro is the reincarnation of Hitomi. After killing Hitomi, Yomiko carried the heavy burden of guilt. Takes place in the courtyard of the summer palace.*
     ChiHiro yanked Yomiko's tail. "Come on, Yomi-san. Let's go play!"
     "Not now, ChiHiro. You're acting like a toddler."
ChiHiro smiled happily. "Come on, Yomi-san. Pleeease?"
     "Oh, alright." Yomiko grumbled. However when Yomiko turned back to look at ChiHiro she saw-
     "Hitomi?" Yomiko gasped. She dropped to her knees. If Hiromi was there, then where was ChiHiro? Yomiko spotted her lying unconcious behind Hitomi.
     "Shi-san." the apparation spoke slowly. Then she disappeared. Yomiko stared at the spot where Hitomi was. ChiHiro began to stir and Yomiko knelt beside her. She opened her eyes.
     "Hi, Yomi-san! Let's play!" ChiHiro jumped up. She was unaware of what had occured earlier.
     "Some other time, ChiHiro. I have to talk to Arashi."
     "Okay!" ChiHiro beamed.
*five minutes later. Yomiko just told Arashi what happened. Takes place on second floor balcony overlooking the courtyard.*
     Yomiko leaned against the balcony. Arashi stood near her.
     "You believe this occured because she is reaching the age when Hitomi... died?"
Yomiko nodded her head. "Yes, and it might happen to Rei too." She glanced at Arashi.
     "SaiYuri." Arashi whispered.
Yomiko stood up and looked down into the courtyard where ChiHiro was playing with a winded Akinori. Rei was sitting on a bench lookinf over them.
     "After all these centurie," Yomiko said thoughtfully, "we must finally face our crimes."
Arashi looked down at Rei and ChiHiro. "Yes, but what price must we pay, I wonder."
     "Rei and ChiHiro, they'll be in danger. We have to protect them."
     "I suppose we'll have to tell them. Before it's too late."
*Ancient Japan. Scene where Yomiko kills Hiromi. Takes place in a forest at night, Akira isn't Rokujo's doll yet. (I actualy drew this scene. Graphic novel style.)*
     Shi knew that Hitomi wouldn't be able to run anymore. What happened to SaiYuri, she didn't know. Hitomi leaned against a tree for support. She was badly wounded and was covered in blood.
     "Shi-san..." Hitomi pleaded.
Shi pulled out her throwing needles. "Hitomi, you and your sister have eluded all three clans, but no more." Shi took a stance. "Your life ends here."
     "Shi-san..." Hitomi pleaded again. Shi fought back her emotions.
     "Sayonara, Hitomi. Forgive me."
The needles whistled through the air.
     Akira was tending to his wounds when Shi returned with a wrapped bundle. He looked up.
     "Shi, you've returned. Is that...?"
     "Yes." Shi sat next to Akira, craddling the bloody bundle. "We'll head back to the palace once you're ready, Akira." He nodded his head.
     "You and I...," Shi began, "have taken so many 'jobs' since we were young..., but this job..." Shi looked down at the bundle. "This one job..." she stared up into the moon, tears welling up. Akira placed a hand on Shi's shoulder.
     "I understand what you mean."
     Shi stood up, "Are you ready?"
     "Then let's go."
*Ancient Japan. A day or so after Hitomi's death. Takes place at Youko palace, mid afternoon.*
     Shi sat atop a tree adjacent to the palace. She watched the people come and go and the crowd disperse. Hitomi's head was publicly displayed on a stake. Word had reached her ear that the same had been done to SaiYuri on Dragon territory.
Shi looked to the side. Akira had climbed atop the tree.
    "How are you feeling?"
Shi shrugged her shoulders and looked away.
    "Shi, I... it's not your fault. It was family decree." Shi nodded her head, but didn't look at  him.
     "Shi..., your father ... he wishes to speak to you."
     "Then I'll go see him." Shi jumped from the tree and silently headed back toward the palace.
*Couple minutes after the scene above. Shi's father is speaking with her.*
     "Shi, because of Daisetsu's actions, this household has been dishonored. The family has deemed us unfit to lead. So it will now pass to my brother." Shi's father clenched his fists. "We must regain our honor before this occurs!"
     Shi took the hint. "What must I do, father?"
     "Burn down the Ryutachi house!"
     "They've declared war on us, have they not? There's been a temporary truce, but the twins have been eliminated so the truce is now void."
     "Do you dare to disobey me, Shi? Our honor is at stake!"
     "I... I am under your command, father."
     "Good. Now leave me, I have much to contemplate."
Shi bowed and left the room.
*Couple minutes after scene above. Shi is speaking with Akira. It is growing dark.*
     "Nani?!" Akira was in shock.
Shi nodded her head. "It's true. I've never seen father this way before. I worry."
     "Perhaps it's because your father fears to lose his position and needs a scapegoat for Daisetsu's actions."
     "That is a possibility, but I believe my stepmother is behind this."
     "That witch?"
     "Yes, her. She wanted Daisetsu to lead the family in place of me."
     "But now?"
     "I'm not sure. She always did favor her own son, perhaps revenge?"
     "On the Ryutachi's then."
     "No, I suspect something much bigger, the Ryutachis and the Youkos."
     "How can she achieve this with one strike?"
     "I am uncertain, but I cannot disobey father."
     "Then I'll come with you."
     "Thank you, Akira, but I must do this on my own."
*An hour or so later. It's already night time. This is the Ryutachi burning.*
     As Shi silently climbed the Ryutachi walls in the dead of night, she felt like she was playing right into her stepmother's hands.
     Shi crept quietly through the Ryutachi halls. Most of the guards were outside so Shi didn't have too many worries. She had to locate the ammunition room and set it aflame. While rounding a corner, she encountered a startled Ryutachi (Tsukitaka).
     "Youko on the premises! Youko on the premises!" he yelled. Shi heard more people approaching. She cursed and ran past to Ryutachi as he made a grab for her. She rounded corners and swept through hallways till she caught the scent of black powder. Shi ran into the room and shut the door. A few moments later, her pursuers ran past the room. Shi breathed a sigh of relief and brought out two pieces of flint. Shi made a trail of black powder and lit it. She had less than fifteen seconds and fled the scene. As Shi was about to scale the wall again, a voice stopped her.
Shi turned around. It was the Ryutachi with her hair tied back and golden eyes.
Arashi grabbed Shi's arm.
    "What are you doing here? The palace is in an uproar. Have you forgotten our deal?"
Shi shook her head.
     "The deal is off. Minako and Daisetsu are dead. Besides, it's family decree."
Shi shook off Arashi and jumped over the wall.
     "What have you been sent here to do?" Arashi jumped over the wall after Shi, but Shi had already disappeared. Arashi stood outside the wall and stared into the darkness. Family decree? Something wasn't right. Arashi was about to go back over the wall when a loud explosion knocked her off her feet and threw her backwards.

Lair of the Past
(c) 2003-2010