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LoP: Yomiko Nishihara


The future...

This story that I wrote is not related to LoP.  It takes place a gazallion years or so after the LoP story (I haven't set an exact year yet) and the main characters are Yomiko and Akinori. It's set a couple of years after WWIII and earth is basicly back to its medieval days (think Ragnarok/Final Fantasy). There is technology (some primitive/some high tech), but it's just not the same as before WWIII. If you want to learn more go to the summary/notes page.

Yomiko looked down from the irregular mound at the town of _____. Her student and assistant sat on a boulder close by. They were both cloaked from head to foot with a rough tattered garment. Hidden features was essential in their 'job'.
     "Sensei," Akinori started. Yomiko looked up at him.
     "Don't use that title. It's no longer used."
     "Sorry, Yomiko, but do we have to stop here? I mean, we culd just skip it and move on."
She shook her head.
     "Akinori, this is the only civilization we'll ever see once we enter ____ Desert. We must buy supplies before we resume."
     "Oh, alright. It's just that this place looks like a dump."
     "You do not recognize it?"
     "Should I?"
Miyoko sighed.
     "That town of tents is where the bookstore was, and this," she said gesturing to the mound before their feet, "was the mountain where the clinic once stood."
     "Nani?! The climate and geography has changed so much!"
     "Yes, time will do that to the world. Come, let's get supplies and leave."
     "Hai!" Akinori jumped down from his perch and ran to catch up with Yomiko.

Lair of the Past
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