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LoP: Yomiko Nishihara

Fox Demon Girl

Even further into the future...

Another story written by me involving Yomiko and Akinori. Except this time the main character is a girl named Kazumi and it's another gazallion years after Myriad. The world is pretty much the same, but there's more progress scientific wise (think FFX-2). Again, to learn more go to the summary/notes page.

     "What d'ya want?" an irritated voice came from behind the tall vast gates of hell. Two towers on either side loomed overhead reaching the ceiling of the large dark cave. Covering the gate the gate itself were intricate designs made of dark metal.
     "Open up. I'm on official business."
A  peek hole slid open and red glowing eyes pierced through.
     "Let's see your seal."
The hooded figure covered in brown cloth held up the Earth Hell seal. The peek hole closed and a smaller human sized door swung open.
     "C'mon in, then."
The figure stepped through and the door shut. The gatekeeper was a she and looked human except for the fox tails and ears. Her eyes glowed red and her long brown hair was tied back. She put her hands on her hips.
     "Which department do you need to go?"
     "Reincarnation and Relocation." the figure said taking off the hood.
The gatekeeper gaped in shock. The figure was a young girl with black hair tied in a braid. Her eyes were a light shade of red, but they didn't glow. What shocked the gatekeeper, though, was that the girl had fox ears.
     "What? What is it?" the girl asked flustered.
     "Are you a Youko?"
     "A what?"
     "A fox demon."
     "Impossible! That clan went extinct a long time ago. I should know. I was the last one."
     "Now that's impossible. I'm the last one."
The two fox demons glared at each other.
     "Okay, then." said the gatekeeper. "Name your oldest ancestor."
     "Kasuga Nosuge>"
The gatekeeper  stumbled. "Nani? Kasuga? Yukino's clone?"
The gatekeeper stood, thoughtful. "This is a most interesting turn of events. I must speak with you more, but later. First you must complete your business."
     "Okay..." the girl said confused.
     "The teleportation pod is over there. I'll see you in a few." With the swish of a tail the gatekeeper vanished.
     "Hey! Wait a minute!" the girl called out. "I didn't get your name!"
     "Shi!" came the distant reply.

Lair of the Past
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