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LoP: Yomiko Nishihara

Shi Youko

This is a site for me, Aves, one of the writers of Lair of the Past (LoP). Arashi and Rei are also writers of LoP and their links may be forthcoming.

Konichiwa! I am ******. But you can call me by my pen name, Aves. I am the creator of the characters Yomiko/Shi, Akinori, Hiromi and a couple more from Lair of the Past (Lop). You might recognize me from which is a site featuring spoofs of LoP characters and more. 
Anyway, as you may know LoP is written in three different notebooks (mine, Arashi's and Rei's). So on this site I'll write what's written in my notebook and elaborate on my characters and their own personal stories. As of now I'm still setting up the site and this is all I got so far.

What up?

Updates and comments from me.

06/25/10 Oh gawd, five years and I finally figured out my username AND password. Well, let's start cleaning this site up.

05/30/05 Create, edit, update! Hope this site works out.
Pic off google. I credit the artist. Still searching for a pic b/c scanner not working.

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

Lair of the Past
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