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LoP: Yomiko Nishihara


Characters in LoP

I know, I know. There's a lot of them, but that's only because I also included the minor characters. Some of them are created by me and the others by Arashi and Rei.

     A fox demon from the Youko Clan. Born as Shi in 11th century Japan, Yomiko currently owns a bookstore and is the sensei of Akinori.
     A dragon from the Dragon Clan. Also born in 11th century Japan. Though Arashi and Shi have been enemies, they have somewhat of a "friendship". Arashi is currently a doctor of Ryutachi Clinic located in the summer palace of the Dragon Clan.
     A member of the Bird Clan. Rei is the reincarnation of SaiYuri, an ancient member of the Bird Clan. Rei is the dark twin unlike her sister ChiHiro.
     A member of the Bird Clan. ChiHiro is the reincarnation of Hiromi, SaiYuri's twin. ChiHiro is the light twin.
Hitomi Takahashi
     Hitomi was the result of an affair between the members of the Bird and Youko clan. She was later asassinated by Shi sent by her clan.
SaiYuri Takahashi
     SaiYuri was the result of an affair between the members of the Bird and Youko clan. She was later asassinated by Arashi sent by her clan.
Akinori Hiranuma 1987-
     Is the current student of Yomiko. He helps her run the bookstore. Akinori comes from a long line of students Yomiko has taken on.
Lylith Hellsing
   A British girl with pyschic powers from the Hellsing organization. She is good friends with Rei.
Jenni Goode
     An American ditz. Jenni is an embarrassement to the Goode family and has been banned. She posses a magic mirror that allows a person to teleport anywhere where water is nearby.
     An Austrailian tomboy. Mel keeps house at the Ryutachi clinic. Her powers involve electricity which sometimes goes out of control.
Hiromi Hiranuma 1988-
     Akinori's sister. She disappears after the masacre of her parents and later remerges as Rokujo's faithful servant.
Kasuga Nosuge
     A clone of Yomiko's mother (who died when she was 12). Kasuga may look like her, but her personality is totally off. Kasuga is the result of Rokujo's many experiments.
     An evil demon who is responsible for all the deaths, pain, agony, despair connected to the characters.
     Yomiko's cousin. He was thought to have perished in the Youko burning. Akira remerges as Rokujo's doll whose soul has been sealed.
     Arashi's cousin. He was thought to have died after battling Rokujo. Tsukitaka remerges as Rokujo's doll.
Benjiro Hiranuma 1967-2004
     Akinori and Hiromi's father and a former student of Yomiko. Thanks to Yomiko, he is able to open up a successful restaurant. He is masacred along with his wife.
Danjiro Hiranuma 1846-
     Yomiko's fourth student. Danjiro accompanies Yomiko to the U.S where they worked as ranch hands and bounty hunters.   
Eijiro Hiranuma 1827-
     Yomiko's third student. Yomiko and Eijiro travel around Japan doing odd jobs.
Fujimaro Hiranuma 1809-
     Yomiko's second (and favorite) student. Fujimaro was raised by Yomiko.
Ichiro Hiranuma 1864-
     Yomiko's fifth student.
Azul Hiranuma 1789-
     Yomiko's first student and Akinori's ancestor. Azul is responsible for breaking the seal Yomiko was placed under.

Lair of the Past
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